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Slang – Jack Scholes

SLANG HIS AND HERS   THE GENTS (UK) BANHEIRO PÚBLICO MASCULINO I need to go to the gents. Eu preciso ir ao banheiro. Gent é uma forma abreviada de gentleman. O banheiro público para mulheres chama-se the ladies ou the ladies’ room. Exemplo: Is there a ladies here? Há banheiro feminino aqui? > > Outros termos …


The challenges of teaching and learning idiomatic expressions (idioms) – Ricardo Madureira

Idiomatic expressions pose an exciting challenge to students because their individual words take on a new meaning when the expression is considered as a whole and what is more, some expressions are completely opaque (that is, obscure in meaning), even when the students know every word the idiom is made up of. Taken from …


School’s out… or is it? – Marcela Cintra

Summer holidays are often cherished moments for teachers and learners, especially in regular schools. In language institutes, the scenario is usually different, as many students enroll for intensive courses.  In any case, it is not the ordinary school term and it may be a time for teachers to work on their own development. Here are …

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