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Short Responses – Jack Scholes

NO SWEAT SEM PROBLEMA “Can you give me a lift?” “Sure, no sweat.” “Você pode me dar carona?” “Claro, sem problema.” ISH UM POUCO, MAIS OU MENOS “Did you get nervous during the interview?” “Ish.” “Você ficou nervoso durante a entrevista?” “Um pouco.” Coloquialmente, ish é usado como resposta a perguntas. Também é empregado como …


Reading Comprehension Tips – Paulo Torres

  According to Brown (2001), “for most second language learners who are already literate in a previous language, reading comprehension is primarily a matter of developing appropriate, efficient comprehension strategies.” Following are ten reading tips meant to help teachers develop such comprehension strategies with students, not necessarily in the order presented.   Tip 1: Reading …


Diversity in education – Marcela Cintra

Diversity is one of the most frequent topics in current discussions around education. Its various interpretations can also be a form of diversity, accepting that we may all have opposing views on the same subject. In this post I will be discussing diversity and hope to generate more questions than provide answers. The University of …

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