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5 Questions – New Year Wishes – Richmond

As the end of the school year approaches, teachers get even busier marking exams, finalizing reports both on individual students and courses taught, not to mention remedial classes, parents’ meetings, staff meetings, end-of-term celebrations … a long list to remind us that the year is not over yet! Very soon it will be time for …


The Xmas Game – Maria de Fátima

An enjoyable game to be played with your family or friends at Christmas. Elaborated by Maria de Fátima Pereira de Almeida English teacher and pedagogical consultant. INSTRUCTIONS 1) If you got this game, you will be the leader. 2) Fill a balloon with air and play some music (preferably Xmas songs; choose a cheerful one). …


Christmas Activities – Jane Godwin Coury

This month, I have prepared some Christmas activities you can do with your students to build up their vocabulary. There is an interactive crossword and three different ways to do “secret friend”. The level and instructions are given for each activity. Have fun and Merry Christmas to you all! ACTIVITY 1 – INTERACTIVE CHRISTMAS CROSSWORD …