As the end of the school year approaches, teachers get even busier marking exams, finalizing reports both on individual students and courses taught, not to mention remedial classes, parents’ meetings, staff meetings, end-of-term celebrations … a long list to remind us that the year is not over yet! Very soon it will be time for planning, and before you know it a new academic year starts.


Even if it is not one of the tasks on that list, teachers are probably running a mental note of to do’s or not to do’s with the new groups they will be teaching next year. As much as nobody will question the value of retrospective assessment as a tool for improvement, giving yourself a break may be a well-deserved exercise. So this month’s post does not bring our usual 5 questions. Nor do we propose 5 New Year Resolutions. Instead, here goes a list with 5 New Year Wishes for all ELT teachers who have been reading our texts:

  1. May the New Year bring you plenty of reasons to feel good in your chosen profession;

  2. And if you decide to start a new career, may you have a very successful start;

  3. May your students realize and acknowledge that your professional expertise is crucial for the effectiveness of their learning;

  4. May your employers/customers treat you fairly and professionally, at all levels;

  5. May the world be a better place and may you be happy.

All the best!