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Mr. Right a man who would be an ideal partner in a relationship (marido ou companheiro ideal) “Stop holding out for Mr. Right and try to meet someone tonight,” Larissa told Kate. “Pare de ficar esperando encontrar o homem perfeito e tente conhecer alguém hoje à noite”, Larissa disse para a Kate. “I haven’t met …

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How do you say in English?

Coriza / nariz escorrendo – Runny nose Peter always gets a little cranky when he has a runny nose. O Peter sempre fica um pouco irritado quando tem coriza. O verbo to run, que normalmente significa “correr”, também pode ser “escorrer”, no contexto de “nariz escorrendo”: I need to get a tissue. My nose is …

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We’re back on our feet!

  A search for foot/feet, immediately preceded by a noun, in the COCA turned out the chart below.   A close look at the list will reveal that seven (1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 11 and 12) out of the 22 lines are related to foot as a measurement unit: a foot is equivalent to …

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Don’t let it break your heart!*

Here we are with another part of the body: heart. The most interesting collocations are the verbal ones, so I’ll just report on the nominal and adjectival ones very briefly as most of them pose no problems. This is the table for the first ten nominal collocations, that is, a noun immediately preceding heart ( …

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Falsos Cognatos

Hazard O substantivo hazard significa “risco ou perigo”. A forma adjetiva hazardous significa “arriscado ou perigoso”. Veja os exemplos: “This bumpy road is a hazard to drivers. They should really do something about it!”, complained Gulliver. “Esta estrada acidentada é um perigo para os motoristas. Eles deviam mesmo tomar alguma providência!”, reclamou Gulliver. Being exposed …

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