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During my masters’, I had a professor who said some enlightening things every class…They were, as we say, real food for thought. One day, he said that the teacher’s role was asymmetric to the students’ roles in class. I usually say something similar but not so poetic: the teacher knows better (or least, he or …

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7 sites com vídeo-aulas

  Por Vanessa Prata*   No artigo anterior, sugeri sete links com diversos vídeos que podem ser adaptados para uso em sala de aula, incluindo atividades com trechos de filmes, palestras, notícias e até propagandas. Nesta segunda parte, indico alguns sites que trazem vídeos mais “mastigados”, isto é, com vídeo-aulas sobre pontos gramaticais, expressões ou …

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Are you pulling my leg?

Here’s the second leg of my leg post. Let’s look at leg preceded by an adjective. From the list below (as usual, all lists and examples are extracted from the COCA: we are only going to deal with those adjectives that might be problematic – but even so they aren’t too problematic!   The …

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BO: acronym for “body odor”, unpleasant smell usually caused by sweating (mau cheiro de suor; “cê-cê) “This guy sitting next to me on the airplane had really bad BO,” Harry told a friend.“Este cara sentado do meu lado no avião tinha um cê-cê horrível”, Harry contou para um amigo. “This room stinks of BO. Do …

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One of the biggest challenges for a work team is to achieve and keep efficient communication among its members. Efficient communication is a challenge in itself. Sometimes what one says or writes is not what the other one hears or grasps. Misunderstandings may happen and our responsibility, as a team, is to try to avoid …

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