Nina Loback is the Richmond Brazil’s Academic Coordinator for Language Schools. (You can read her complete biodata at the end of this post.)


You know this feeling we have that you can find just about anything online nowadays? When trying to do something, anything, have you ever caught yourself wondering if there was an app or web tool to do it for you? A while ago I had to make a somewhat important decision when that thought came to my mind and I did look for something digital to help me solve my problem. I found quite a few things and that’s when the teacher inside started screaming: CLASSROOM MATERIAL!

The tool I am sharing today is called ‘Wheel Decide’. It is an extremely simple and yet brilliant idea: an online free spinning wheel generator which allows you to create your own version by choosing the text and a few more other features, such as speed and colours. You can share the link to your wheels or embed it in a wiki, blog or page.

It suits an infinity of purposes in the classroom and it only takes as long as it would take you to type your activity anyway. Still, to save you the time, I have created a few that you can use with different levels. Each activity can be used as a kind of revision at the end of the course or at the beginning of a semester the following level: an elementary activity can be an end of year activity for the A1 or A2 level or it can be a lively activity to have during the first weeks of classes with a pre-intermediate or intermediate group, which is the reality for most right now in Brazil.

Activity type: time filler

Level: A1 – B2

Age: 12+

Time: 5-7 minutes

Preparation time: 1 minute. If using a projector or IWB, just enough time to open the link or send this Disal post link to students if they are to use their smart phones.


  1. Click on the wheel to spin it.
  2. Using 100% of the words you get, say something about yourself.
  3. If you get the same text more than once, say something different each time.

Wheel 1

Basic (It can be used with an elementary or even a real beginner group during the first weeks of the course.)



Wheel 2

Elementary (It can be used with an intermediate group during the first weeks of the course.)


Wheel 3

Intermediate (It can be used with a higher intermediate group during the first weeks of the course.)

Wheel 4

Higher intermediate (It can be used with more advanced students during the first weeks of the course.)



Variations & Notes: It can be used as a whole class activity when using an IWB/projector or students can use it in pairs or small groups if using their mobiles. In either case, it can be set as a competition if you arrange a score system. E.g. they score if they make a correct sentence that includes all the words given in less than 30 seconds. If you remove the need to use 100% of the words given, students can talk about someone else they know or ask each other questions.


Web tool:

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Nina Loback is the Richmond Brazil’s Academic Coordinator for Language Schools. She has a degree in Languages (UEPG/PR/BR), holds a CPE, TKT and is an ICELT holder. She has taught adults, teenagers and children for 10 years and is a frequent speaker at conferences. She is an advisory council member of BRAZ-TESOL Curitiba Regional Chapter and co-founder of Voices Sig for Women.