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A Musicalidade do Empoderamento Feminino em Sala de Aula – Rodolfo Mattiello


Infelizmente, vivemos num país em que as mulheres sofrem muito com o comportamento inadequado de muitos homens e, até mesmo, de outras mulheres. Como professores, faz parte de nossa responsabilidade abordar esse assunto com maturidade em sala de aula. Na posição de professores de línguas, somos responsáveis por levar aos alunos materiais atuais em língua …


Design Thinking Activities by Jane Godwin Coury

Design Thinking in education is taking off worldwide as an effective way to come up with solutions in schools, institutions and communities. It is an opportunity for teachers and leaders to foster active problem solving within the environments they work in involving students and members of the community. Let’s take a practical example to illustrate …


How’s your typing speed? – Richmond


Nina Loback is Richmond Brazil’s Academic Coordinator for Language Schools. (You can read her complete biodata at the end of this post.) The average typing speed is 41 words per minute, according to the database of an online game called 10 Fast Fingers. So, are you fast or slow? Better than Jim Carrey? 10fastfingers was …

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