British Slang – Jane Godwin Coury


If you went to the UK tomorrow and talked to someone in their twenties, would you understand the slang they are using? I recently picked my 26-year old niece´s brains about British slang and selected some expressions, phrasal verbs and words that may help you grasp what´s going on in a dialogue. EXPRESSING HAPPINESS To …


Spinning your mind! – Richmond


Nina Loback is the Richmond Brazil’s Academic Coordinator for Language Schools. (You can read her complete biodata at the end of this post.)   You know this feeling we have that you can find just about anything online nowadays? When trying to do something, anything, have you ever caught yourself wondering if there was an …


Interjections! – Jack Scholes

Interjections by Jack Scholes OOPS! “OPA!” Oops! I’m sorry. Opa! Desculpe. A exclamação Oops! exprime surpresa ou arrependimento depois de um pequeno erro ou acidente. GAWD! “DEUS!” Oh, my gawd! I don’t believe it! Ah, meu Deus! Eu não acredito! Gawd é a grafia de uma pronúncia alternativa da palavra God, sendo usada jocosamente para …

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