Interview with Claire Venables

In our post this week, Juan Uribe interviews guest blogger, Claire Venables.  In it she talk about her passion for teaching young learners and shares her concerns and advice for teachers working in  this area of ELT When did you first become interested in teaching English to young learners?   I come from a family …


Learning like a baby – Educate by Richmond


The process of acquiring an additional language is similar, if not exactly the same, as the process of acquiring our first language. So why we do not take that into account when teaching an additional language? We must rethink our beliefs and change our mindsets for educational paradigms shift much faster now as new research …


School’s out… or is it? – Marcela Cintra

Summer holidays are often cherished moments for teachers and learners, especially in regular schools. In language institutes, the scenario is usually different, as many students enroll for intensive courses.  In any case, it is not the ordinary school term and it may be a time for teachers to work on their own development. Here are …

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