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The power of collaboration – Marcela Cintra

Collaboration – Often times, we wonder or talk to people who are curious about the reasons why we should collaborate with our colleagues in various roles in the realm of education. Some teachers once asked me why they should help their colleagues improve (doing peer observation or peer teaching, for instance) when their work in …


Context vs Action – Marcela Cintra

Last week, in the BT SIG Symposium, one of the teachers participating in my talk approached me and kindly asked what suggestion I had to help act in the context he worked. He claimed he wanted and needed to be observed, but his superiors considered that unimportant; he needed time during the week to take …


Excellence in teaching – Marcela Cintra

I have recently been involved in discussions about excellence in teaching and have wondered what it means to be excellent as a teacher. From what I have observed in discussions as well as in my context, the definitions and criteria that state what an effective teacher does depends on the circumstances they work, institutional or …

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[NEWS] How was the TESOL Conference?

  Attending a TESOL conference   Last week I had the opportunity to experience the TESOL  international conference held in Seattle. From my perspective participating in conferences is an enriching way to seek for professional development. You are faced with so many different contexts that not only give you a chance to reflect on your …

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