British Slang – Jane Godwin Coury


If you went to the UK tomorrow and talked to someone in their twenties, would you understand the slang they are using? I recently picked my 26-year old niece´s brains about British slang and selected some expressions, phrasal verbs and words that may help you grasp what´s going on in a dialogue. EXPRESSING HAPPINESS To …


Tips to Teach Speaking – Paulo Torres

  After my last post on reading comprehension tips, I have decided to write about tips to teach speaking. The tips have three different sources, which are between parentheses. The ones which were written by me are based on my teaching experience. Following are twelve tips meant to help students get the most out of …


Onomatopeia – Jack Scholes

TO BARF VOMITAR; “CHAMAR O HUGO” I’m going to barf. Vou vomitar. Barf é uma palavra onomatopéica: seu som reproduz o da ação descrita (tal qual o Hugo da gíria brasileira). > > to chunder (AUS); (to) puke WOW SUCESSO EXTRAORDINÁRIO He’s a real wow with the girls. Ele faz um sucesso danado com as garotas. …

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