An enjoyable game to be played with your family or friends at Christmas.

Elaborated by Maria de Fátima Pereira de Almeida
English teacher and pedagogical consultant.


1) If you got this game, you will be the leader.
2) Fill a balloon with air and play some music (preferably Xmas songs; choose a cheerful one).
3) The participants in the group will pass the balloon one to the next one by the sound of music.

4) If you stop playing the music, the participant who is holding the balloon will have to answer a quiz or do a task based on Xmas.
5) To do so, the participant needs to choose a number from 01 to 10.
6) You will read the question or task, according to the number chosen by the participant.

7) If the participant can answer the quiz or perform the task well, he/she will get a point.
8) If he/she can’t, he/she won’t get any point and the game goes on.
9) At the end of the game, the one who has the highest score will get “The Christmas Certificate”.


Quizzes and tasks:

1) Task: Sing a Christmas Carol.

2) Quiz: Which animal pulls Santa Claus sleigh? (answer: the Reindeer)

3) Task: Spell “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

4) Quiz: When is Xmas Eve? (answer: December 24th)

5) Task: Go to the window and shout:
“I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

6) Quiz: What were the names of the three Wise men? (answer: Gaspar, Melchior e Balthazar)

7) Task: Make believe you are Santa Claus; Laugh properly.

8) Quiz: Is there another name for Santa Claus? Which one?
(answer: yes, Father Christmas)

9) Task: Draw (in the air) a Christmas tree with your left hand (if you are right -handed) or with your right hand (if you are left -handed).

10) Quiz: How many days are there in December? (answer: 31 days)


Activities for download: click here.